Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s

February Multigun
(1, 2, or 3Gun, pistol/PCC only ok)

February 18, 2018

All of our matches are any gun you want to use. You can shoot the whole thing with a pistol if you want. The only time we will tell you what gun to use is if you are a 3GN member shooting a 3GN classifier and want your score turned in. Other than that, do what you want.

This match will consist of steel and paper targets. No slugs or buckshot required. No rifles on steel targets (only paper) so green tips are ok.


  1. Factory
  2. Practical
  3. Unlimited
  4. PCC
  5. Heavy
  6. Pistol Only
  7. Rimfire

See 3GN division guidelines for guidance

  • Everybody shoots for $20 unless you are there by 7 to help build stages, and then you will shoot for free.
  • We will also be building stages Saturday evening. If you help, you shoot for free.
  • Setup begins before 7
  • Registration begins at 8, closes at 830
  • Shooters’ meeting at 830
  • Hammer down at 9

Register on Practiscore.

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Animated Stage Diagram: